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An agricultural system that integrates harvestable trees with ground crops and/or pastureland
Alienable and Disposable Lands (A&D)
areas of the public domain which are available for private ownership
assisted natural regeneration
the human protection of natural seedlings from undergrowth and flammable plants to assist their growth
Certificate of Ancestral Domain
a claim (CADC) or title (CADT) under the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997 which seeks to recognizes and protects the rights of indigenous people to their customary lands
member of the Dipterocarpaceae, a dominant family of tree species found in Asian lowland forest that have long been valued for their timber
exotic species
plants or animals that have been introduced into a given region from elsewhere
framework species method
an approach to forest restoration that relies on the planting of particular species, such as those used by seed dispersers, to promote natural succession
forest restoration
steps taken to return a deforested or degraded area to a more natural or historical condition
native species
plants or animals that are the original inhabitants of a given region
an approach designed in the Philippines to restore forest land using native species of trees
the restocking of existing forestlands that been depleted through logging and other extractive activities, typically with exotic species