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Examples of Native Tree Species

Unlike in conventional reforestation, Rainforestation prioritizes the usage of native tree species. Examples of those native trees are listed below. A more extensive list of native trees, their preferred habitation, and ecological/economic benefits is also available in PDF. In order to maintain the distributional pattern of biodiversity in the Philippines, tree species should only be planted in the particular region(s) of the Philippines where they are native.

Species Vernacular or Common Name
Anisoptera aurea Foxw. Dagang
Anisoptera thurifera Foxw. ssp. thurifera Palosapis
Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb. ex G. Don
(Dipterocarpus philippinensis)
Hairy-leaf apitong
Dipterocarpus caudatus Foxw. ssp. caudatus Tailed-leaf panau
Dipterocarpus gracilis Blume Panau
Dipterocarpus grandiflorus Blanco Apitong
Dipterocarpus hasseltii Blume Hasselt’s Panau
Dipterocarpus kerrii King Malapanau
Dipterocarpus kunstleri King Broad-winged apitong
Dipterocarpus validus Blume Hagakhak
Hopea acuminata Merr. Manggachapui
Hopea plagata (Blanco) Vidal Yakal-saplungan
Hopea philippensis Dyer Gisok-gisok
Parashorea malaanonan (Blanco) Merr. Bagtikan
Shorea almon Foxw. Almon
Shorea assamica Dyer ssp. philippinensis (Brandis) Symington Manggasinoro
Shorea astylosa Foxw. Yakal
Shorea contorta Vidal White lauan
Shorea falciferoides Foxw. ssp. falciferoides Yakal-yamban
Shorea guiso (Blanco) Blume Guijo
Shorea hopeifolia (Heim) Symington
(Shorea kalunti)
Shorea malibato Foxw. Yakal-malibato
Shorea negrosensis Foxw. Red lauan
Shorea palosapis (Blanco) Merr. Mayapis
Shorea polita Vidal Mala-anunang
Shorea polysperma (Blanco) Merr. Tanguile
Shorea seminis (de Vriese) Slooten Malayakal
Shorea virescens Parijs Manggasinorong-lakihan
Vatica pachyphylla Merr. Thick–leaf Narig
Vatica mangachapoi Blanco ssp. mangachapoi Narig