Botanical References

The following list consists of historically-important references to Philippine botany. These items were collected and provided to RFRI by the late, great Philippine botanist Mr. Leonard Co. Files are listed alphabetically by author and can be downloaded from this site.

Blanco, P. 1879. Flora de Filipinas. Manila. 3rd Edition ; Portfolio 1 ; Portfolio 2  

Brown, W. H. 1919.  Vegetation of Philippine Mountains: The Relation between the Environment and Physical Types at Different Altitudes. Publication 13. Manila: Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Bureau of Printing. 

Brown, W. H. (ed.) 1920. Minor Products of Philippine Forests. Department of Agricultural and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry. Bulletin No. 22 Manila: Department of Agricultural & Natural Resources, Bureau of Printing.Volume 1, Volume 2,  Volume 3,

Dickerson, R. E. 1928. Distribution of Life in the Philippines,  Monographs of the Bureau of Science 21.  Manila: Bureau of Printing 

Merrill, E .D. 1903. Merrill 1903 Dictionary of Plant Names in the Philippines Islands, link to PDF file Manila: Bureau of Publication Printing. 

Merrill, E. D. 1905. A Review of the Identifications of the Species Described in Blanco’s Flora de Filipinas 

Manila: Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Bureau of Public Printing.

Merrill, E. D. 1912. A Flora of Manila, Manila: Bureau of Printing.

Merrill, E. D. 1918. Species Blancoanae: A Critical Revision of the Philippine Species of Plants Described by Blanco and Llanos, Manila: Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Bureau of Printing. 

Merrill, E. D. 1923–1926. An Enumeration of Philippine Flowering Plants. Publication 18 (1–4) Manila: Bureau of Printing. Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4,

Merritt, M. L. 1908. The Forests of Mindora,  Manila: Bureau of Printing.

Nicholson, D. H. & D. Arculus. 2001. Candidates for neotypification of Blanco’s names of Philippine plants: Specimens in the US National Herbarium, Taxon 50: 947–954. 

Vidal, D. S. 1883 Sinopsis de Familias y Generos de Plantas Lenosas de Filipinas. Atlas,  Manila: Establecimento Tipo-Lithografico de Chofre YC. A.

Whitford, H. N. 1911. The Forests of the Philippines, Bulletin No. 10. Manila: Bureau of Publication Printing.

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